The Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia (PSWA) has a long and proud history of support for pharmacists, pharmacy students and interns. Fostering the education of pharmacy students has always represented an important investment in the future of the profession.

The PSWA has recognised this importance by sponsoring several awards for outstanding pharmacy students at both Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

These awards are named in honour of Western Australian pharmacists who have been influential in the development of our profession over the last century.

School of Pharmacy, Curtin University awards

The Webster Memorial Gold Medal
Awarded for exceptional academic performance in Third and Fourth Year

The Webster Gold Medal is the highest honour available to a graduating student and is awarded only for exceptional academic performance in both the third and fourth years of study by a student who achieves 75% or greater in all subjects, except one, which can be no lower than 70%

This award recognising excellence is named in honour of Alfred Edwin Webster, who was one of the ten foundation members of the PSWA. This group of pharmacists saw the need, formed the Society, guided the drafting of legislation and steered that legislation through Parliament. After serving as a Councillor, Alfred Webster later served as Registrar for nine years and died at a young age while still in office. He was a person who gave much to and achieved much for his profession. This award commemorates his achievements.

List of Webster Gold Medal Winners to 2016

HM Lyons Memorial Award
Awarded for Second Year Pharmaceutical Analysis/Toxicology

In 1914, Honoria Mary Lyons started her career in pharmacy by winning the highest award available to a graduating student – PSWA’s Webster Memorial Gold Medal. She was also the first woman to qualify as a pharmacist in Western Australia. She continued to distinguish herself in the practice of pharmacy for the next 50 years and was accorded Life Membership of the PSWA in 1960.

Margaret Humphries Memorial Award
Awarded for Fourth Year Pharmaceutical Practice

Margaret Humphries was an untiring worker for the Society, the WA Women Pharmacists’ Association and for the profession of pharmacy. She was, among other things, a Councillor for 6 years, Honorary Treasurer for 5 years, a member of the Pharmaceutical Defence Limited Committee and a member of numerous other committees over many years. Life Membership of the PSWA was conferred on her in 1988 shortly before her untimely death in 1989.

School of Pharmacy, University of Western Australia awards

Pharmaceutical Society of WA Prize for Year 1
Awarded for highest aggregate mark in Year 1of the course of Master of Pharmacy

Eric Kirk Memorial Award

Eric Kirk was a pharmacist with visionary ideas, a capacity to inspire others and the will and know- how to bring those ideas to reality. His work was a major influence on the way pharmacists saw themselves as health care professionals and led them to embrace continuing education and professional development – new concepts in his time. His foresight, drive and leadership brought about the introduction of Ward Pharmacy to WA hospitals which led directly to the development of Clinical Pharmacy practice across the profession.

2017 Eric Kirk Memorial Award winner Pascale Ng Cheon Ting with Dean Schulze

2017 Eric Kirk Memorial Award winner Pascale Ng Cheon Ting with Dean Schulze

“Drug Information Centre” and “therapeutic drug monitoring” were terms which became well known in practice due to Eric’s unrelenting representations which also achieved the profession’s acceptance of the significance of health promotion as a part of pharmacy practice.

In recognition of the outstanding contribution made to the development of professional practice in pharmacy in Western Australia by this former President, the Society provides the Eric Kirk Memorial Award.

This annual award is the Society’s most prestigious recognition of members who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of professional practice.

Eric Kirk Nomination form 2018

Previous winners of the Eric Kirk Memorial Award